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Communicative & Engaging


Rain Tree Montessori Childcare Centre follows Dr Maria Montessori’s approach to teaching preschoolers.  Our school adopts the pedagogical nature of Montessori materials with an infusion of the best philosophical aspects of Dr Maria Montessori, to further children’s development in a holistic manner.  We are also doing our utmost possible to provide the best services to a diverse group of parents.

Though Rain Tree Montessori educational approach is predominantly Montessori, we also embrace both the Early Years Developmental Framework (EYDF) and Nurturing Early Learners Framework (NEL) which set out by the Early Child Development Agency (ECDA) and Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) into our curriculum.  On top of it, we are also inspired by Aistear, Ireland’s early childhood curriculum framework from birth to six years old.

The Principles of Rain Tree Montessori approach:


Prepared Environment

Mixed Age Groups

Freedom Within Limits

Respect for others and environment

Specially designed pedagogical materials

Adults as Role-Models

Montessori Approach

Prepared Environment

Parental involvement

Preschool as a role-model


Main Purpose:

  • Enhance gross & Fine motor skills

  • Indirectly build on Language, Communication & Math skills

  • Bring about concentration

  • Acquire observation skills

  • Learn to respect living & non-living

  • Learn to care for self

  • Learn to care for the environment

  • Acquire physical independence

  • Learn Grace & Courtesy

    • Through role plays

    • Through real- life contexts

    • Through providing adult role models


Main Purpose:

  • Cater to the innate tendency of curiosity that leads to exploration

  • Instil interest in the world around us

  • Explore zoology, Botany, Geography and History through hands-on materials

  • Learn about living and non-living things

  • Learn to respect living and non-living

  • Learn about the world cultures and relate to their classroom diversity

  • Introduction to Science concepts

  • Indirect preparation for Language and Math



Main Purpose:

  • Help absorb the properties and characteristics of the surrounding environment, objects, and things

  • Interact with sensorial materials using the five senses

  • Indirect preparation for Math and Language

  • Indirectly enhance gross and

  • and fine motor skills


Main Purpose:

  • Enhance number sense

  • Provide hands-on experience with numbers moving from concrete to abstract, using golden beads and number cards

  • Understand the base ten system

  • Understand concept of number bonds

  • Understand the operations – addition, multiplication & Subtraction

  • Provide hands-on materials that bring out different Math concepts and are fun to work with

  • Preparation for Primary 1 Math concepts


Main Purpose:

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Enhance vocabulary skills

  • Introduction to phonic sounds

  • Build writing skills

  • Build reading skills starting from 3 letter phonetic words to longer phonetic words to a later stage of reading words with phonograms

  • Introduction to basic Grammar

  • Preparation for Primary 1 Language skills

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