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Best Childcare in Singapore

Rain Tree Montessori: Best Childcare in Singapore

Are you searching for childcare near your home? Why not get the best childcare in Singapore at Rain Tree Montessori? When you find childcare near your home, it could be an educational experience with activities that will help your child grow. You don't want a babysitter who uses television as a distraction throughout the day. Or an overcrowded childcare centre without structure.

Rain Tree Montessori in Singapore encourages children to be active and ask questions. We offer collaborative activities, arts and crafts, music, drama classes, field trips, and plenty of outdoor activities. As the best childcare in Singapore, we provide a curriculum that helps your child learn at their own pace through dynamic exploration.

Rain Tree Montessori childcare offers a convenient place for toddlers 18 months old through preschool-aged children up to six-year-old, a place to gain confidence.

Our goal is to provide the best childcare in Singapore to a diverse group of parents. The Rain Tree Montessori approach maintains a prepared environment where students in mixed-age groups can enjoy freedom within limits while learning respect for others and the environment.

You can count on Rain Tree Montessori to be the best childcare in Singapore. We see your child as a whole person who is developing their core foundation. We encourage you to come out and visit. We're your childcare solution, open year-round for admissions.

If you're searching for childcare near your home or office, why not join us at one of our open houses? You can check our website for the dates. You can give us a call. Or book a visit online.

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