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(18 MONTHS - 2+)

Toddler Community



During this period, children are unconsciously absorbing their environment. They need to be in an environment that allows them to explore and interact with materials. This is the period, when their senses are at a greater height of sensations and as such, every interaction and experience, will have an impact on the child.

At Rain Tree Montessori Preschool environment, with an array of hands-on materials, will cater to the needs of children from this age group. Our Childcare center's materials follow the Montessori principles in that they are attractive, move from simple to complex and have an in-built-control-of-error feature in each of them, which makes way for an uninterrupted work cycle for the child.

childcare 蜜蜂

At Rain Tree Montessori Schoolhouse, we aim to achieve the following benefits for the Toddler Community:

  • Gain physical independence through refinement of gross and fine motor skills​

  • Start on Phonics sounds

  • ​Enhance vocabulary skills

  • ​Enhance number sense through concrete and abstract exposure to quantities and numerals 1-5/1-10

  • ​Pick up concentration and observation skills

childcare 蜜蜂
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