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Best Preschool in Singapore

Rain Tree Montessori Childcare: Best Preschool in Singapore

Montessori-style childcare is a place for toddlers, three and four-year-olds, through preschool-aged children up to six years old. At Rain Tree Montessori childcare, you'll find the best preschool in Singapore with a program full of fun, adventure, and exciting ways to learn.

Rain Tree Montessori childcare is an environment where mixed-age students interact and learn together while enjoying freedom within limits. They learn respect for one another and the environment too. Our Montessori childcare reflects the Montessori philosophy with mixed age groups: Toddlers 18 months through two-plus years—the Casa group of three to four-plus years and the Primary One Foundation for five to six-year-olds.

As the best preschool in Singapore, we start with informal grammar activities for the youngest children, writing practice sessions, and lots of language games. Our Montessori childcare helps children develop a love of learning early on as they explore numbers and math at their own pace. We encourage them to explore and ask questions.

Rain Tree Montessori child care provides cultural activities to help children better understand the world. They play and learn together with circle time and outdoor activities, drama classes, and field trips.

If you're searching for the best preschool in Singapore, look no further than Rain Tree Montessori. Our Montessori preschool is open for admissions all year. Please check our website and join us at one of our open houses. It's important that we get to know each other. If you're not able to make it to a scheduled event, you are welcome to book a visit online. And, of course, you can also give us a call.

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