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Progressive & Multidisciplinary



​What We Provide

At Rain Tree Montessori Childcare Center, the programmes are offered under three different classes that are broadly divided into 3 specific groups of children. Our preschool is keeping in line with Montessori philosophy, each class reflects mixed age groups, as follows:

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3 - 4 YEARS +

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Teacher to Child Ratio

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Rain Tree Montessori Preschool programme is inclusive of all other curricular activities as below:

  • Circle Time activities

  • Aesthetics and Creative Art

    • Painting using different media and tools

    • Craft work

    • Music & Movement

    • Speech & Drama

  • Outdoor physical activities

  • Excursions and Field Trips


Children’s Journey through the Programmes

preschool 蜜蜂
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In the Rain Tree Montessori Childcare Centre Toddler Community, children are exposed to activities that help them gain physical independence that also enhanced their cognitive abilities, and self-confidence.  At this level, to cater for children’s developmental needs, more materials in the Practical Life and Sensorial areas will be provided.  The frequent exposure to activities and work on Practical Life materials helps children learn the three main breakdowns under Practical Life: care for self, care for others and care for environment. Working with the Sensorial materials stimulates their five senses and enable them to understand the concepts of how things work and operate around them.  

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As they move to CASA, children’s independence level and their motor skills have reached a higher level.  We will design and cater more activities to increase their emergent language, literacy, and numeracy skills.  These three areas, mathematics, language and cultural (including zoology, botany, biology, physics, geography, history, art). Their inherent skills will be brought forth by our various activities as well as exploring the Montessori pedagogical materials which allow them to move at their own unique and individual paces.

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At the Primary 1 Foundation (preparatory for Primary 1) level, children are exposing and learning about grammar, comprehension, creative writing, journal writing and spelling through different types of games and fun activities.  These activities will promote the children’s literacy skills to a greater height.  As for Mathematics, the children at this level will be able to understand abstract mathematical concepts through the Montessori pedagogical materials. They will be able to understand number computation and the four operations.  Through our materials, children’s explorative and inquisitive nature will be further boosted by working with the Cultural materials prepared for them (physics, geography, history, biology, art).  Children will have a better and concrete understanding of things work around them and in the world.

We focused the bilingual Montessori lessons in the morning for the children of these three different levels (as morning is the best time for learning which the mind absorption rate is the highest, our well-prepared Montessori environment provides for the children a serene and comfortable atmosphere that is non-interruptive for them to learn and work with the materials).  The children will be doing English Enrichment classes and Enhanced Chinese lessons through different fun and interesting activities. These activities are carefully prepared on a weekly basis according to the children’s developmental needs and level of learning.


A Monthly Learning Journey Report will be prepared also for every child.  These activities are also bilingual in nature and they are included in our overall programme and we do not impose additional fee on our parents.  Hence, parents enjoy the benefits of “one-stop service” and do not need to send their children to enrichment classes outside of our school.

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