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(3 YEARS - 4+)


childcare 隨身鉛筆


At Rain Tree Montessori Childcare center, from age 3, children begin to learn with a conscious mind. What they have been exposed to or learnt prior to this age, will now start manifesting and children will start displaying their skills with a firm purpose. A child who may have been exposed to sounds, may now start identifying the sounds in words, with more confidence. It is like unlocking the cupboard in their minds with all the stored knowledge. In our preschool, for a new child who may start with us at this age, everything will be so new that child takes to the environment like a fish to water!

childcare 蜜蜂


(3 YEARS - 4+)


At Rain Tree Montessori, our learning goals for Casa children are as follows:

  • Refine gross and fine motor skills

  • Refine language and communication skills (English and Chinese)

  • Recognize phonic sounds of letters

  • Learn CVC words (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant)

  • Learn to string sounds into words

  • Learn to read 3- letter phonetic words

  • Learn the blends

  • Learn to read longer phonetic words

  • Learn to read simple phonetic story booklets

  • Learn counting to 100

  • Assign quantities to numerals 1-100

  • Begin to learn about the concept of time

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