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Holistic Education Warmest Community

About Us


Our VMV & Philosophy

Our Vision 

Making a positive impact on the world through nurturing young minds

Our Core Values
  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Excellence 

  • Respect 

  • Team Spirit 

Our Mission

Fostering learning in an atmosphere of encouragement, excellence and innovation

Facilitating children to be life-long learners and inspiring them to achieve their full potential

Drawing out the best in each child and preparing them to be life-long learners

Our Philosophy

At Rain Tree Montessori Childcare Center, we believe in children having ‘sensitive periods’ for learning, they are all unique learners and they learn at their own paces. Therefore, we adopt Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy in our preschool teaching, nurturing and caring. We foster a holistic development for children with meaningful learning at their own pace through dynamic exploration. 

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