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Our Childcare Centers are hiring!

Childcare Careers


As a fast growing and expanding organization, Rain Tree Montessori Preschool offer a wide range of career opportunities for motivated childcare professionals at all levels, including principals, English teachers, Chinese teachers and cook. Rain Tree Montessori Preschool invest in our professional development and career development in childcare.


Rain Tree Montessori Preschool believe that through a commitment to our role as educators in childcare, Rain Tree Montessori Schoolhouse make a positive difference to the lives of children, families and our community. If you are a passionate childcare professional with entrepreneurial and team spirits, and who share the same values and are interested in developing your career path with Rain Tree Montessori Preschool, please do not hesitate to email Rain Tree Montessori Preschool your up-to-date CV and expected salary at  

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