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What our parents say



Slava has been going to school for almost 3 months now.  At first he was reluctant and the language barrier posed additional hurdles, but now, thanks to the patience and consistency of his teachers, he really likes it there. He's learned a lot - he can understand and say simple phrases in English now, and even more so in Chinese. There are not too many kids in the group, which is great, as he gets a lot of attention. And there is almost no screen time, which is also good. We like the Montessori approach. 

Kuchuk Metaslav

Rain Tree Montessori Schoolhouse.jpg

暄妍转学到Rain Tree的这两个月,通过与老师的交流和孩子的成长变化,我想说Rain Tree是一个好选择。校长和老师都是很有经验的育儿专家,育儿方式灵活多样,她们对待孩子很有耐心,也很乐于与家长分享她们的育儿经验。她们带给孩子的不仅仅是启蒙教育,更是对孩子的特别关怀和宽容,让孩子在爱的环境下受教育成长,这会使孩子们受益一生。



Both Rebecca and Giorgia enjoyed the school.  We really liked and appreciated the continuous feedbacks from the teachers and the principal.

With the feedbacks received from the school, we are able to communicate with our daughters and help them in their developmental needs.

Rebecca & Giorgia


We signed our 18month toddler with Rain Tree Montessori when they had just opened, and we’re extremely pleased with ourselves for the decision! The school has a strong Montessori influence, from the school’s surroundings, to the classroom materials used, and teachers’ interaction with the children. From the moment my child steps into the school gates, he is encouraged to be independent with age appropriate hand-washing stations. It’s a small detail that makes the difference. The teachers are gentle, patient and loving. My child is never rushed into doing anything, instead they observe him and guide him appropriately. We look forward to the school updates and holiday programmes where the teachers engage with the children. In just a short 6 months we can already see our child’s progress. He’s polite, independent and follows through on tasks. We’ll highly recommend the school to our friends and neighbours!



我们选择Rain Tree Montessori School House 的原因,首先是学校的环境。蒙特梭利认为环境是孕育孩子的丰富场所,是配合孩子自我建设需要而设计的。

Rain Tree Montessori School House校园简洁干净,课室里的蒙氏教具整洁齐全,温馨和明亮的环境让我们觉得这里是一个将来能为我的孩子提供学习和成长的地方。我和我的先生特别喜欢学校里的游乐场,我们相信户外活动是孩子亲近阳光和空气,走近大自然的最佳途径,不仅能锻炼他们有着健康的体魄,还能满足孩子们好动与探究的本性。Kimberly 第一次参观学校时,我们发现她已经开始喜欢学校的游乐场了。

其次学校的老师们和校长, 感谢老师们对Kimberly 细致入微的照顾,特别对于Kimberly 人生中的第一次入学体验。学校的老师们帮助她顺利得适应了学校的环境,这让我们感到十分欣慰。经过这段时间,Kimberly也越来越适应了学校的生活,例如生活自理能力,交际能力和语言表达能力都有了很大的提高。以上孩子的点点滴滴变化和提高,无不使我们深深的为之感动。“ 爱是教育的源泉”,把孩子交到你们这些富有爱心、耐心和责任心的老师手里我们感到十分放心。

Kimberly Jiang Yichen

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Our son has embraced coming to this center quite quickly, a testimony to the environment and warmth the teachers have given him. He gained more confidence in expressing himself, socialising and even proudly showed he can play on the slide on his own, when he was timid before. In just few weeks alone he gained discipline to eat on his own, sit on a chair (longer), wash his hands and more.


The rooms itself speaks of quality learning. Focused on montessori teachings, the child-led approach lets them focus on the activity they're interested in, at their own pace and in comfort. 


You can tell that this is a place where teachers take the time to understand these kids individually, cares for their growth and supports the parents through giving updates and advices for their well-being.


Kenzo Tan


Teachers are absolutely nice and good at treating kids, the environment is neat and clean. I’m happy to see my girl’s speedy progress with Rain Tree Montessori.”


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