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Principal's Words


Warm greetings and a big welcome to our preschool’s website. I am thrilled and excited to take on the role of a Childcare Centre Principal.

Montessori pedagogy has been my area of interest for many years. As such, I am privileged to be with Rain Tree Montessori Preschool.

Our preschool aims to provide the best childcare and learning environment for preschool children. Montessori philosophy paves the way for children to blossom in a prepared environment that allows children to exercise their freedom to explore and learn in the process. The word ‘freedom’ may sound daunting to parents. One wrong misconception is that a child needs to be in a controlled environment to prevent unruly behavior and when child’s unruly behaviors are controlled, it becomes easy for teachers to ‘teach’!

The concept of teaching takes on a new meaning in a Montessori environment. The childcare teachers’ role is to prepare the environment and observe children’s interaction with the environment. It is through these observations that a childcare teacher can plan a child’s learning. Oblivious to the fact that they are being observed, children plunge into the prepared environment with enthusiasm and excitement. Given the wide array of Montessori materials, their excitement is justified! Being left on their own to work and to interact with peers and materials, children learn to regulate their emotions and work out how to share among themselves. The childcare teacher intervenes at the point of presentation of materials and as a guide to use, to share and to provide more information or knowledge.

It is a great enjoyment to watch children working in a Montessori environment with ease and calmness. This is what Rain Tree Montessori Preschool would like to achieve – children to learn in a holistic manner, where they are given due respects as individuals while bringing out their inner potentials. Every child is unique and Rain Tree Montessori pedagogy aims to tap on this uniqueness, holistically.

Singapore preschool system does not make it easy to foster a traditional Montessori environment. Therefore, while Rain Tree advocate Montessori philosophy and pedagogy, our preschool curriculum will aim to fit in with the local learning framework. In fact, I am proud to say that Rain Tree Montessori curriculum covers more than required to meet the framework targets.

Rain Tree Montessori philosophy basically touches on the core of human psyche. While academic excellence is of great importance, a Childcare Montessori environment gives that extra boost to children’s development by making allowance for physical, emotional, and social development in a very relaxed environment. Our Preschool Child’s work in a Montessori environment is not termed as ‘play’ simply because the materials are pedagogical in nature – meaning, in every material, there is a direct or an indirect learning happening. Imagine the joy a child achieves by exploring and working with a material that satisfies his/her inner need to master certain skills! As parents, you will get to see your child mastering certain skills without being imposed to do so. The best part is, while one material allows mastery in one skill, say, physical, the same skill will help the child to master his/her abilities in another area. This link is what makes Preschool Montessori so relevant in today’s world. Children need an environment to nourish their inner souls while learning and gaining knowledge. This is what Rain Tree Montessori term – “Preparing children for the world”.

Rain Tree Montessori's environment is inclusive of world cultures. Language learning is part of our preschool curriculum. As our Childcare Center focus on English and Mandarin languages to cater to the general population, we are open to introducing aspects of new languages within our learning environment.

Rain Tree Montessori Childcare Center believe in having fruitful partnership with parents and community. Parent participation is most important, and we welcome your involvement in the school’s activities.  

We look forward to building a great and warm community to nurture our children.

We look forward to meeting you in Rain Tree Montessori Schoolhouse.

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